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Time Management - Stay Flexible

posted Feb 15, 2012 05:04:23 by JamesDoan
It is just common sense that you must be able to revise your plan. At several times through the day, check your To-Do List and, if you have to, rearrange, postpone or even put off deliberately. The ability to prioritize and ensure that you get done what HAS to be done is key to effective time management. The To-Do List is only a guide, you can't expect to get everything done in a day.

If in the course of the day something comes up that causes another item to be deferred, that is your sense of prioritizing doing it's job. It is important to put realistic values of importance and urgency on each item on your list. Also set times for tasks when you know they will be surely accomplished. If a contact is only available at 1:00pm, then you should phone him at that time, otherwise you will be caught up in a relay of voice mail and left messages without accomplishing anything.
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